A pickled onion recipe is simple to make. While you can use our A1 white balsamic, we've decided to change it up by using our infused white balsamics. Our favourites include Cranberry Pear, Raspberry, Honey Ginger and Pomegranate Quince. The best condiment or side for ribs and other meats as well as a fantastic topping for burgers and hot dogs. 

1/2 cup infused white balsamic vinegar (your choice)
1 tbsp sugar
1-1/2 tsp Kosher salt 
1 cup water

1 red onion, peeled, very thinly sliced (you can use a mandoline for this)

Add all ingredients except the onion to a medium bowl. Combine until salt and sugar are completely dissolved. Add onion. Set aside for an hour. Serve as a condiment.