Healthy eating with big flavour is a part of your routine, whether you're cooking Mediterranean, Indian, Latin, South American or any Asian fusion recipe. It's notable that in the past few years, thousands of hectares of olive trees have been planted in India's dry, hot regions which are perfect terroir for olives. They, like so many of us, have a new awareness of the centuries-old benefits of cooking with fresh extra virgin olive oil versus processed and refined vegetable oils. Like cooks in the Mediterranean region and countries like Australia, Argentina, Chile and South Africa, Canadian cooks have come to learn that extra virgin olive oil's high smoke point (+400 degrees) makes it suitable for almost any dish, with the bonus of offering proven health benefits. Our TIP SHEET has health and budget tips worth sharing with family and friends. 

Recommended Usage EVOO: 2.0 Tbsp/Day*
Current Actual Usage Fresh EVOO (North America): 1/4 tsp/day
Current Actual Usage Vegetable And Seed Oils: 6.3 tbsp/day
Current Actual Usage EVOO Mediterranean Countries: 3.5 tbsp/day

*Based upon the latest CDN research and per person usage data

Antioxidants* In EVOO: 175 (Mild) to 800 (Robust)
Antioxidants In All Processed Vegetable Or Seed Oils: Traces
Antioxidants In All Processed "Pure Virgin" or "Light Olive Oil": Traces

*Biophenols at time of crush for EVOO and after processing for others
Smoke Point EVOO*: 375° to 425°
[ 350° to 375° is medium heat in oven and on stove-top ]
Smoke Point Refined & Processed Canola: 400°
Smoke Point Butter: 200 to 250°

Most recipes do not require temp higher than 375°.
Using butter? Add a splash of EVOO to prevent burning.

Cost Per Day Kingston EVOO: $2.00*
Cost Per Day Tim Hortons Large Coffee (1): $2.00
Cost Per Day Starbucks Tall Latte (1): $4.95
Cost Per Day Quality Gym Membership (1): $2.00

[ *2 tablespoons ]