Our refill program is a great way to help reduce waste and practice sustainability.
To qualify for refills and your 10% discount, the following steps MUST be followed for safe refilling.
ONLY 200ml, 375ml, & 750ml EMPTY Kingston Olive Oil Co. bottles can be refilled
Cork & black plastic neck seal must be REMOVED for proper sanitization. Bottles cannot be accepted if these are present.
Bottles must be completely WASHED with either hot, soapy water or through a dishwasher, then thoroughly rinsed. Sanitization is not possible onsite.
Bottles must be completely DRY and free of water prior to bringing in for refill.
We will refill bottles with any flavour, re-label, cork and seal the refilled bottles. A 10% discount will be given at checkout. 
There is no deposit on our bottles nor do our locations accept bottles for recycling. Any bottles not desirable for refill must be recycled at home. Kingston Olive Oil Co. thanks everyone who participates in our program to ensure a clean and safe environment for all. Stay updated for when our program will be released by subscribing to our email newsletter and following our Facebook & Instagram.
We're committed to sustainable practices for you and for the world. Our oils and balsamics are sourced from small farms and shipped to us in large containers, not in pre-filled bottles. We store them in large "fustis" until each glass bottle is ready to be hand filled. While we're not a recycling depot, when you return your clean and sanitized bottles, we'll refill them with the oil or balsamic of your choice and a 10% discount on your refilled bottle at checkout. Our tasting cups are now 100% compostable. Our Canadian sea salts are hand-harvested. Our spices are sourced directly from small growers. We pack orders in paper bags at checkout. We ship in recyclable cardboard.
We're discovering more ways to minimize plastics, maximize ways to reduce landfill waste, and to sell products from eco-friendly farms and local artisanal creators. Thank-you for your support!