This ice cream topping is a culinary revelation, a positively swoon-worthy marriage of extra virgin olive oil and ice cream. It sounds peculiar at first, but trust the trend setters, chefs and us. We promise this unexpected duo is a sophisticated twist on the childhood classic of chocolate syrup, but infinitely more intriguing and indulgent. It's hard to top the creaminess of ice cream, but a drizzle of EVOO does just that. Give it a try, and be prepared to be utterly seduced.

Here are some ideas:

Pair with single flavour ice creams. 

Add a drop of Cayene EVOO on Chocolate.

Use a ROBUST EVOO for a peppery finish.

Use our Fused citrus EVOO's (Lemon, Lime, Orange) on Vanilla.

Add a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.