A super easy twist to make store-bought sauce extra special.


We hear it all the time: cranberry sauce isn't for everyone. For those who love it, roast turkey wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. There are many, many versions. We've created a way to have two versions, one classic and one that's got a little edge. This recipe is also a fantastic substitute for lingonberry sauce, a little sweeter than cranberry, and the one made famous in Ikea's Swedish meatball recipe.


We're pretty comfortable using canned, whole berry, store bought cranberry sauce given that the Thanksgiving dinner (or a weeknight dinner) demands on the cook are huge -- without having to make homemade.  We have a super easy twist to make store-bought extra special.  Ingredients are simple: one can of cranberry sauce (not jellied) and 1 tbsp Black Mission Fig or Pomegranate dark balsamic.

In a small bowl place half a can of your favourite berry sauce. Then add balsamic and blend gently to keep the whole berries intact. And for those who love the classic, use the rest of the can to serve in a separate dish and have extra balsamic on hand.