Our Toasted Onion Powder has an exceptionally rich, sweet, toasty flavor that leaves other onion powders in the dust. It's versatile, as happy in a blend as it is shining on its own. The delicious allium flavor comes through in stews, stocks, braises, rubs, dressings, savoury breads and more. It can even be used in sweet baked goods — its onion-y sweetness is unlike anything we've ever tasted.

Our onion powder is made according to a meticulous process of heating and cooling that develops a warm, caramelized flavor. Densely layered yellow onions are sliced and dried before being ground, and the deep flavor is a reflection of the care that goes into the processing of the onions.

Origin: Vĩnh Phúc, Vietnam
Process: Sun-dried and ground
Ingredients: Onion, dried and ground (Allium cepa)
Tasting notes: Fresh Bread • Toasted Sesame • Sugarcane


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