Chef Reem Assil is the creator of Khalta Hara Spice Blend. She run's Reem's, a nationally acclaimed Arab bakery and restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Like Burlap & Barrel, and Kingston Olive Oil, they focus on small farms, rooted in community, equity and transparency, locally and globally.

"This Khalta Hara is inspired by our iconic house chili spice blend that is flavorful and not overbearingly spicy. It's great as a meat rub, a garnish on dips, and seasoning for roasted vegetables and sauces. The sweetness of the Silk Chili is grounded in the earthiness of cardamom and coriander and accented by the brightness of Black Lime." - Chef Reem

Ingredients: Silk Chili, Wild Mountain Cumin, Black Lime, Nile Coriander, Cloud Forest Cardamom, Royal Cinnamon, salt

Tasting notes: Fruity • Aromatic • Slightly Spicy 

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