Get to know the incredible spice blends that Burlap & Barrel developed in collaboration with Floyd Cardoz, the celebrated Indian-born American chef. They were released with his wife and business partner, Barkha, as a tribute to his love for the cuisines of India and his passion for sharing them with the world. [The international chef world grieved Floyd Cardoz' passing in the very early days of Covid in March, 2020.] 

From his wife, Barkha: “Every chef has a top-secret recipe of spices they combine for their garam masala. This deceptively simple yet bright and aromatic blend was Floyd’s. Just before serving lentils, beans, vegetables, or meat, bloom garam masala with aromatics in ghee or sprinkle directly into the cooking pot to finish with fragrant, floral notes.”

Ingredients: Cinnamon, star anise, bay leaf, black cardamom, yellow cardamom, mace, cloves

Tasting notes: Floral • Sweet • Aromatic

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