Pizza Party! is a collaboration blends with chefs, recipe developers and TV stars Sohla and Ham El-Waylly. The blend is irresistible, wildly delicious and a boatload of fun. Sohla and Ham dreamt up these versatile, powerhouse blends made with Burlap & Barrel's single origin spices. 

"We want everything to be pizza, so we created this blend to make our cheesy dreams come true. Ever had a slice and showered it with chili flakes, garlic powder, and oregano? Now imagine that—but classy! Try this pizza spice on eggs, popcorn, avocado toast, as a dry brine for chicken, and of course, on anything with cheese!" -Sohla + Ham

Ingredients: Sun-dried tomato powder, purple stripe garlic, Cobanero chili, flowering hyssop thyme, oregano flower buds, sea salt

Tasting notes: Pizza! • Pizza!! • Pizza!!!


  • Sprinkle on meats, pasta, eggs, avocado toast, popcorn and . . . pizza!
  • Use as a rub for meat, tofu and vegetables

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