24 miniature hand-poured bottles of our gourmet oils and balsamics, each one in an individually designed drawer and boxed in a gorgeous holiday case.

OLIVE, the "other" reindeer is in the woods looking for a magical drawer to open.  Join her and discover 24 unique olive oils and balsamics, one day at a time.

To give or to keep: we hope you'll enjoy the anticipation of a new daily flavour indulgence to drizzle on salads, meats, veggies or dipping your favourite breads. Our beautifully designed advent calendar with magnetic closure and playful holiday graphics, has 24 drawers, each filled with a miniature bottle (15mls). On the back of each calendar we created an easy-to-follow guide on how to mix and match each oil and balsamic.

The Olivent makes a stunning gift for business associates and employees, too!  For staff parties order before November 30th.

And if you plan to order 6 or more there is a $2 handling fee per Olivent calendar ($51ea) with free shipping. For 5 or less there is NO handling fee and free shipping with a $75 min on any order.

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