Our Olive Serving Dish is made from a seamless, single piece of natural olivewood boasting a distinct swirling pattern of the olive tree's twisted trunks. Each one is an individual design, no two pieces are alike. The gorgeous graining and beautifully hand polished food-safe surface makes for a sophisticated presentation. Serve olives, snacks or as a dipping tray for oils and balsamics. 

Olivewood is harvested from trees that no longer bear fruit. It is dense, durable and made for everyday use. As a non-porous material, no germs or odours are retained.

This Olive Spoon shines with simplicity and sophistication. The polished steel spoon catches the eye with its antique copper handle. It let's you gently remove olives and cherries from jars and the perforations is perfect for straining brine, syrups and cocktails. 

Our classic duo of Tuscan Herb and Traditional Aged Dark Balsamic is the perfect pairing for any appetizer, for bread dipping and your charcuterie board. A wonderful accompaniment to your Spring brunch! Included in the GIFT BUNDLE are 2 x 200mls full-size bottles.

Note: Olives-In-Jars are available in-store only and are not included in the GIFT BUNDLE.

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