Deeply savoury and bursting with flavour, Köfte Baharat is a traditional Turkish spice blend for meat (literally "meatball spices). A classic, savoury blend of chilis, garlic, cumin and allspice, it has a warm flavour and enticing aroma and is perfect for Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean dishes. Versatile and balanced, it's at home in sausage, burgers, veggies, beans and soups.

Try it stirred into yogurt for a quick and easy sauce, sprinkled over eggs for a savoury breakfast, mixed with veggies before roasting and used as a rub for grilled salmon or any other hearty fish. Or do it like we do: keep a jar on the table and sprinkle over everything.

Origin: Istanbul, Turkey
Process: Sun-dried, ground and blended
Ingredients: Black Urfa chili, silk chili, cumin, allspice, garlic, sea salt, sunflower seed oil
Tasting notes: Dried Fruits • Charcoal Grill • Aromatic Umami

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