Burlap & Barrel's spectacular Cured Sumac grows wild around Gaziantep, Turkey. It has a bright, sour, salty and slightly fermented flavour that comes from being packed in salt. This is a very popular spice among professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Cured Sumac is a classic Middle Eastern finishing spice. Swap it for lemon juice in any recipe or use it to add character and brightness to salads, fish, meat or dips. It also makes a perfect topping for anything from hummus to salad to roasted veggies or meat to scrambled eggs.

Origin: Gaziantep, Turkey

Aliases: Sumak

Process: Chopped, then packed in salt and cured

Ingredients: Sumac berries (Rhus coriaria), salt (salt content is 1% by weight, or about 0.5 grams per jar)

Tasting notes: Sour Cherry • Salt & Vinegar • Sunny Acidity

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