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CHIQUITITA 2018 (Portugal): Mild

Country of Origin: Portugal

Flavor Intensity: Mild

Crush Date: November 2018

Biophenols: 179.5 ppm

A new cultivar originating only recently in spain in 1991, the Chiquitita is a cross between the iconic Spanish Picual and Arbequina olive varieties. Ours is sweet, mild delicate and creamy, with almond notes, no bitterness, and a delightful fruity finish. It has one of the lowest FFA scores we've ever seen. 

*Chemistry Characteristics
0.08 5.4 <1,0 71.7 97.3

Fruitiness: 5.3  Bitterness: 3.0  Pungency: 3.8

*As measured at the time of crush

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