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Make healthy eating with big flavour your new menu model. That said, it's hard to achieve without having a pantry of ingredients that feeds it. We created an Eat-Healthy Pantry Pack for families and individuals to have "healthy" extra virgin olive oil on hand, on your counter and on your table...especially for those who live far away, unable to get to our stores every week. We also listened to your important questions in the past year and developed a new TIP SHEET on fresh olive oil as a pantry staple in 2019, and health and budget tips worth sharing with friends and family.

For the second year in a row, the Mediterranean diet topped US News and World Report's 2019 best of list. A Mediterranean menu celebrates fruits and veggies; beans, nuts and seeds; modest amounts of meat, eggs and cheese; and ever-present at every meal: unprocessed, fresh extra virgin olive oil. We're not suggesting you go over the recommended amount of daily fat intake but all research insists you dramatically reduce processed virgin olive oils, saturated animal fats, refined vegetable and seed oils and replace them with real extra virgin olive oils. The Mediterranean centuries-old approach is a flavourful and artisanal way for vegans, vegetarians and in-betweeners alike to love the bounty of healthy, delicious food.

We hope 2019 will be a year when you’ll cook more, master new techniques, and try new recipes. We're creating new menus from Turkey, Persia (Iran), Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and New World regions from Australia, South Africa, Argentina and Chile. But above all, we encourage you to incorporate fresh olive oil with every meal. And with your favourite take-out, too!

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