Food demonstration and tasting experience

March 1

Kingston Olive Oil Co is pleased to welcome Joannie Karschau and Natalie Dafnas of Garlic Fields.

Oven ready GOURMET PIZZA- using the freshest farm produced ingredients and Kingston Olive Oil Co extra virgin Olive oil and Balsamics!

Kingston Olive Oil Company And Garlic Fields Taste Test

Garlic Fields Dessert Pizza: Cooked pizza crust, mascarpone, assorted fresh fruit, lemon zest, icing sugar, Kingston Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar.

Cooked pizza crust, mascarpone, assorted fresh fruit, lemon zest, icing sugar, Kingston Olive Oil White Balsamic Mango Vinegar.

Garlic Fields Frozen Pizzas;

Tuscany: cooked pizza crust, tomato sauce, garlic, Spanish onion, fresh basil, chives and oregano, prosciutto, fresh greens, mozzarella, 2 yrs old cheddar and Kingston Olive Oil Tuscan Herb and Persian Lime Olive Oil, black pepper and parsley.

Figaro: cooked pizza crust, cream cheese, roasted garlic, red onion, prosciutto, dried figs, Portobello mushrooms, stilton and old cheddar cheese, fresh greens, fresh basil, Kingston Olive OilBlack Mission Fig Balsamic Vinegar, black pepper and parsley.

Kira: cooked pizza crust, pesto (we don't use nuts) sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers, tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano and chives, spicy green olives, mozzarella, feta and asiago cheeses, Kingston Olive Oil Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar, black pepper and parsley.

Never Say Never: cooked pizza crust, roasted garlic, tomato sauce, Seed To Sausage Chorizo, bacon, Portobello mushrooms, green pepper, roasted red peppers, spicy green olives, Spanish onion, firsts basil, oregano and chives, mozzarella cheese, Kingston Olive Oil Chipotle Oil,black pepper and parsley.

These oils and vinegars add that special touch to a pizza or any other food you are preparing. We drizzle both on our pizzas before freezing but to add even more flavour have the bottles on hand to add a drizzle more while pizza is hot just before serving.
3380 Latimer Rd., RR#1 Elginburg, Ont. K0H 1M0



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